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Fr. Allan Weinert

Dear Friend,

You are part of a powerful online prayer community that honors St. Gerard Majella, The Mothers' Saint.  This community is growing larger and stronger every day.  In this newsletter you will read three joyful stories of women how prayed to St. Gerard for help and healing.  These testimonials are exciting signs of God's love and intervention in our daily lives.

The Redemptorist missionaries of the Denver Province are very happy that our sainted brother continues to bring hope and inspriation to the lives of so many, especially the lives of women who are having difficulty conceiving a child or have experienced complications during pregnancy.

In this second electronic issue of our newsletter, meant to provide encouragment during this Lenten season, we share with you a selection of Saint Gerard’s personal “Rules for Living”, penned by his own hand. I hope this glimpse into a saint’s heart and soul will inspire you and guide you on your own spirtual journey.

Which brings me to a special request this month: Would you help us spread the word about “The Mothers’ Saint” by sending us the names and email addresses of 2 people who might like to receive this newsletter?  I expect that you'll also want to forward this newsletter to them.

Thank you for helping to spread the message of St. Gerard.

St. Gerard, Pray for us!

Father Allan Weinert, C.Ss.R.


As a small token of our appreciation, anyone who sends us the names of 2 new subscribers will receive a FREE copy of our beautiful devotional booklet, Novena and Prayers to Saint Gerard Majella - The Mothers’ Saint (see the sample prayer in the right-hand sidebar). Don’t forget to include your mailing address so we can send you the free booklet by post!

♦Saint Gerard's "Rules for Living"

♦Testimonials and Prayer Requests


Kind Saint Gerard, a new mother needs a special grace after a baby is born. Please help all new mothers to hold their children close to them, love them dearly, and do what is best for their children and themselves. Give new mothers someone to help them through their first weeks and months of motherhood, to guide them, to calm their fears, and to rejoice with them in this new and precious life that has been entrusted to them. Encircle them with confidence to make good choices for their babies and themselves. Always keep them safe in your loving protection.

We humbly ask you to take this prayer to Jesus who is Christ the Lord.


Excerpted from Novena and Prayers to Saint Gerard Majella - The Mothers’ Saint

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Saint Gerard Majella’s Rules for Living a Spiritual Life

Gerard Majella’s spiritual life was not patterned on complicated theological principles or programs. From his earliest days, the young tailor from Muro, Italy, seemed to have a natural goodness and an instinct for spiritual matters. In 1754, Gerard’s religious superior Father Francesco Giovenale, C.Ss.R., asked him to write down his spiritual principles and rules. He wanted to know the holy brother’s “internal motivations.”

Here is a selection from Saint Gerard’s “Rules for Living.” We pray together this Lent that Saint Gerard will intercede for us all and help us follow in his footsteps.


Saint Gerard’s Rules for Living (selected and adapted)

  • I will never accuse or mention the defects of others, not even in jest.
  • I will not meddle in the business of others, not even to say, “That person didn’t do a good job,” and so on.
  • When I sense rebelliousness within me, I will try not to vent it immediately. I will wait until the bitterness passes, so that I can react gently.
  • As soon as I see anyone in great need, I will leave everything to help him or her.
  • Whenever I am asked to help someone else, I will do so as best I can, without hesitation or complaint.
  • When I see that something has not been done well by another person, I will offer advice gently, not in the tone of a master, in order to help that person do better next time.

The above rules can be summarized by one of Gerard’s favorite phrases: “I want only what God wants.” In his Rules for Living, he also wrote out his beautiful “aspirations.”

Saint Gerard’s Aspirations

To love God greatly.

United always to God.

To do everything for God

To conform myself always to his holy will.

To suffer much for God.

Take a little time this week to think about your own spiritual principles. Do you have any personal “Rules for Living”? Did you be making any resolutions for Lent?

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Testimonials and Prayer Requests

From Queens, NY - Praying for protection in pregnancy

A young wife wrote to tell us that she had been “devastated” when she miscarried in August; she then conceived again in December. “I am very excited and grateful but also scared. I will have my first prenatal appointment on Friday. I am so nervous. I want so desperately to hear a little heartbeat. I have been begging Saint Gerard and God for my appointment to go well.”

We asked our Fans to pray for her, and by that afternoon over 100 people had responded, posting comments to encourage her or let her know that they were praying for her. She later wrote to us: “I just saw the post. Thank you so much: I almost burst into tears at my desk! I am so grateful to all of you."

From St. Louis, Missouri - Preparing for surgery

Rachel first wrote us to ask for prayer. She had been trying to conceive for 3 years and was preparing for major surgery to open blocked fallopian tubes. “I'm praying that God will answer our prayers, and that my body will finally be ready for motherhood."

We prayed for Rachel and her husband Alejandro, and we invited our Facebook friends to pray for her too.

Later, she wrote us with joyful news: “I just wanted to give an update. My doctor was able to open not one, but both of my tubes successfully. This came as quite a shock to us. Thank you so much for all your prayers. My heart is completely full of love, gratitude, and praise for God, who I know had a hand in this great miracle. I ask for continued prayers as I am now on my way to recovery, and hopefully a mom-to-be soon. We are so overwhelmed with happiness. Again, thanks to all those who offered prayers for us. They were truly answered!”

From San Antonio, Texas - Trying to conceive another baby

A young mother wrote: "My husband and I have been trying to conceive for two years now. We did conceive a year ago but it ended up in miscarriage. We already have two children but I have always had trouble getting pregnant. I just started praying for intercession by Saint Gerard, who is the saint on fertility issues. My husband and I truly desire another baby. We would like another miracle baby."

Saint Gerard, we ask you to intercede for our friends, and we thank you for favors already granted. Loving God, hear our prayer!

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